Posted By Indomie On Wed, Sep 30, 2020

This year’s BBNaija task challenges took Nigeria by a delicious surprise when Indomie’s unprecedented appearance in the house broke the internet and left a huge lasting impression on so many people.

The conversation around Indomie tasking the housemates to celebrate their cultural heritage and share their style with one another grew like wildfire and also encouraged the whole world to join in on appreciating the beauty in cultural diversity;

Indomie Noodles, one of Nigeria’s favourite household brands could hilariously be considered as the 21st BBNaija Lockdown housemate, just because of how regularly eaten it is in the house.

So when Indomie featured in the house on Tuesday, 25th August 2020, it was a no brainer that each housemate, as well as we the viewers, was in for a unique and delicious experience.

Much to our delight, the Indomie feature was divided into three phases that spread across the day and ended with them embracing their unique cultural heritage and sharing it with the world:-

Phase One: Find My Ingredient Hunt

Indomie started off on a delicious note, by sending the housemates special custom made gift boxes with personalized T-shirts, cultural attires, chef hats and everything else they needed to complete their task day.

Next, they were paired up into teams- Teams #KiddwayaWathoni, #EricaNeo, #LucyOzo, #TolanibajTrikytee #LayconDorathy #NengiPrince & #BrightoVee.

The housemates were then led to a giant pot-shaped ball pit for an ingredient hunt. First, each housemate was asked to select 5 ingredients on an SKU board designated to them and then jump into the pot to find their selected ingredients.

After finding their selected ingredients, they then exchanged the props with real ingredients that were used to complete the next phase of the task.

Phase Two: Prepare My Cultural Recipe.

The housemates were instructed to prepare special Indomie recipes using the ingredients they found in the ball pit. But to make things more interesting, Indomie had added on unique ingredients that represented each housemates’ cultural background.

Each pair was expected to exchange their special cultural ingredients with their partner and use their partner’s cultural ingredient to prepare a unique Indomie cultural recipe and present it.

The trick was that each of them would be preparing their Indomie noodles with a cultural ingredient foreign to them and judging their partner on how well they represented.

Phase 3:     Share UR Style

For the final phase, the housemates changed into their cultural attire and made a quick representation of their cultures in the arena.

To do this, the housemates danced, sang, and demonstrated interesting bits of their cultures that made them unique; like the food, marriage, dressing, lifestyle and language.

They then judged the Indomie meal prepared by their partners using their cultural ingredients and scored them based on how well they thought their partner represented their culture.

After all the exciting and entertaining presentations, Indomie announced that all the housemates were winners of the N4 MILLION GRAND PRIZE!!!!!

And N280,000 worth coupons for the housemates from INDOMIE CAFE.

However, the money would not be shared equally- rather the person who scored their partner higher got a higher percentage of the money. This is because they were open-minded enough to accept how their partner interpreted their culture.

If there is one thing we, millions of Nigerians and everyone across the world who jumped in on the conversation have learnt from the Indomie in BBNaija task day presentation; it is that everyone should be able to celebrate their culture and be more open-minded to the beauty in diversity. Also, we should all be able to enjoy our style of Indomie noodles with no prejudice.

Now that Indomie has treated the lockdown housemates to an amazing and surprising task day, they are just getting started because their surprise train might just be coming to your corner soon!!!


(check out @indomie_nigeria to know how to participate.)