Dufil Introduces Indomie Relish to Port Harcourt market

Posted By Indomie On Wed, Jul 24, 2019

*Indomie Relish excites consumers in Port Harcourt

Dufil Prima Foods, makers of Indomie Instant noodles, has introduced its premium Indomie brand, Indomie Relish, into the Port Harcourt market.

The city went agog as excited consumers trooped to Port Harcourt Mall on Azikiwe road in the city to have a taste of the chicken and seafood flavours of Indomie Relish.

Since the introduction of Indomie Relish, Dufil Prima Foods has left no stone unturned in making the product available to its teeming consumers across the country. Hence, the launch of the brand in Port Harcourt, after its earlier launches in Lagos and Abuja.

Indomie Relish offers a complete meal experience with real chicken and sausage chunks in the chicken flavour packs and real fish chunks in the seafood flavour packs.

Indomie Relish was borne out of the desire to make the cooking and consumption of Indomie noodles a savoury one for consumers.

Speaking during the launch in Port Harcourt, the Brand Manager, Indomie Relish, Ginny Tewatia, revealed that no chemical was added to preserve the real chicken, fish and hot dog chunks contained in the two flavours of Indomie Relish. Tewatia said: “Quality control process is a key activity at Dufil Prima Foods and we did not drop the bar in producing Indomie Relish. Rather, we took it further by preserving the real chicken, hot dog and fish chunks in Indomie Relish, without adding any chemical or additives. We did this to give consumers the fresh taste of chicken and hotdog or seafood, depending on their preferences.”    

The high points of the launch were the dry and wet samplings of the brand. At the wet sampling stand, consumers received two plates of cooked Indomie Relish, consisting of chicken flavour and the seafood flavour. Other participants, however, received uncooked Indomie Relish packs at the dry sampling stand, where they also played games which qualified them to win various prizes, including cash gifts during the event.

Many of the consumers who spoke during the launch said they love Indomie Relish. A student of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), Miss Sherry Momodu, said she loves Indomie Relish because it has what one needs to make a complete meal. Momodu said: “As a student, I love Indomie Relish because each pack contains what I need to have garnished Indomie. With Indomie Relish, I do not need to worry about what to embellish my Indomie noodles with.”