Vision - Indomie


Real Name: Vincent-Dike

Nick Name: Vision

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Strength: Laser beams shoots from his eyes. Beams can be used to deflect harm and can also be used to create light in times of darkness. Super hero persona is a genius, invents different gadgets, devices and formula Vitamin A gives Vision amazing eyesight, allowing him to use lasers to stun and destroy his chosen targets.

Weakness: Tunnel vision. When too engrossed on fighting a particular villain he sometimes fails to detect approaching dangers that are not in his line of vision.

About Character: Vincent-Dike is also an A+ student. He is the president of the same chess club as Sai'd. Although he hangs out with Sai'd and other "nerds", Vincent- Dike longs to join the athletics and football teams but his asthma prevents him from engaging in sports. His overprotective mother discourages him from joining any sports team. He is a natural leader. Vincent-Dike is enjoys reading, especially comics about superheroes. He is friendly with the old man, who pretends to be homeless, and Vincent-Dike brings him food and money and sometimes sits and talks with him. The old man sees Vincent-Dike's kind heart and knows that he would be the best choice as leader for the Indomitables. He is the leader of the group.