Tweeny - Indomie


Real Name: Tutu

Nick Name: Tweeny

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Strength: Best fighter in the group. Loves to have fun, best friends with Stretchy The most formidable fighter in the group. She has the power to create vortexes of wind and the power of flight. With the help of Vitamin B for mental strength she moves objects with her mind. When she is powered up her hair turns yellow in colour and grows longer. She uses her power to break out of bonds and to scare unsuspecting villains.

Weakness: -

About Character: is an A+ student, whose mother has enrolled her in too many extra-curricular activities, Tutu also chooses to involve herself in additional activities. She is very driven, but at times gets overwhelmed by the work and the demands on her time. She is seen as perfect by her peers and prides herself in being right all the time. Sometimes she wishes could just control the turmoil around her and bring calm to her busy life. Her hectic life makes her forget something crucial for a responsibility she was assigned, which leads to someone else getting the blame, but Tutu puts aside her pride and owns up to the problem caused.