Stretchy - Indomie


Real Name: Sai'd

Nick Name: Stretchy

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Strength: Can stretch his body to amazing lengths and widths. Iron provides Stretchy with the muscular health that allows him to stretch into any shape he desires. Superhero persona is a joker and prankster of the group. Likes to make fun of Bigboy, but he is also Bigboy’s best friend.

Weakness: Stretchy’s comic personality can sometimes become his greatest enemy. When the situation demands seriousness Stretchy will continue to joke around. Stretchy’s joking attitude allowed the Primeval, the Time Master to escape. The heroes later followed Primeval into the past to the Benin Kingdom.

About Character: like Tutu (Tweeny) is also an A+ student. However he doesn't like to interact with people and he is extremely shy. He has very few friends and is seen as a geek by his peers. He doesn't like to be placed in uncomfortable situations and rarely makes an effort to think outside the box. He avoids situations and places he deems dangerous, dirty and with too many people. He believes he is smarter than everyone and looks down at his peers because he feels that they look down at him. The old man intentionally places himself in a dangerous situation while crossing the road when Sai'd is walking by. Without thinking and filled with compassion for the old man, Sai'd places himself in harms way to rescue the old man.