Bigboy - Indomie


Real Name: Beluchi

Nick Name: Belu

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Strength: Can grow into enormous proportions, exponentially increasing his size and strength within seconds. Bigboy can choose his size and strength according to the mission at hand. Youngest, shortest and fattest of the group Calcium is an essential part of Bigboy’s diet, giving him strong, healthy bones. Bigboy controls his size and strength at will and according to the mission at hand.

Weakness: Sometimes Bigboy can rely too much on his strength and size and forgets to use his wits. He usually needs stretchy to remind him.

About Character: who starts off as being short and fat (as the series progresses he becomes taller) is the victim of constant bullying at school. He wishes he was as big as the bullies who tease and make fun of him, so that he could stand up for other victimised kids. Bigboy tries to stand up for a younger boy who is getting bullied, even though he only succeeds in shifting the focus of the bullying to himself.