Indomitables Archive - Indomie


Real Name: Siju

Nick Name: Swifty

Age: 13

Gender: Girl

Strength: Powered with protein she rushes in to save the day with her super speed, breaking the sound barrier at Mach 4, at least 3,000mph.


Real Name: Tutu

Nick Name: Tweeny

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Strength: Best fighter in the group. Loves to have fun, best friends with Stretchy The most formidable fighter in the group. She has the power to create vortexes of wind and the power of flight. With the help of Vitamin B for mental strength she moves objects with her mind. When she is powered up her hair turns yellow in colour and grows longer. She uses her power to break out of bonds and to scare unsuspecting villains.


Real Name: Beluchi

Nick Name: Belu

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Strength: Can grow into enormous proportions, exponentially increasing his size and strength within seconds. Bigboy can choose his size and strength according to the mission at hand. Youngest, shortest and fattest of the group Calcium is an essential part of Bigboy’s diet, giving him strong, healthy bones. Bigboy controls his size and strength at will and according to the mission at hand.


Real Name: Sai'd

Nick Name: Stretchy

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Strength: Can stretch his body to amazing lengths and widths. Iron provides Stretchy with the muscular health that allows him to stretch into any shape he desires. Superhero persona is a joker and prankster of the group. Likes to make fun of Bigboy, but he is also Bigboy’s best friend.


Real Name: Vincent-Dike

Nick Name: Vision

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Strength: Laser beams shoots from his eyes. Beams can be used to deflect harm and can also be used to create light in times of darkness. Super hero persona is a genius, invents different gadgets, devices and formula Vitamin A gives Vision amazing eyesight, allowing him to use lasers to stun and destroy his chosen targets.