Swifty (Real Name: Siju) can't seem to keep up with the rest of her family and friends. Everyone else seems to be going at a faster pace than she is. Being the youngest of her siblings, she is treated like a baby and little is expected of her. She wishes she could just keep up and take part in the jokes, fun and laughter that everyone else seems to be having. When a new kid comes to the school who seems to be like Siju, she takes it upon herself to guide the new girl and show her around even when her friends invite her to join in their football team (which they never do because they think she is too slow) Siju declines so that the new girl can get the chance to join the team.

Super hero

Age: 13


This diminutive speedster sees herself as Vision’s second in command.

Power: Powered with protein she rushes in to save the day with her super speed, breaking the sound barrier at Mach 4, at least 3,000mph.

Weakness: When not focusing, Swifty can sometimes miss her target and has been known to go completely off course when not paying attention. She once ran all the way to Capetown, South Africa from Lagos, Nigeria by accident when she was actually meant to meet her teammates in Nairobi, Kenya.

Vision (Real Name: Vincent-Dike) Vincent-Dike is also an A+ student. He is the president of the same chess club as Sai'd. Although he hangs out with Sai'd and other "nerds", Vincent- Dike longs to join the athletics and football teams but his asthma prevents him from engaging in sports. His overprotective mother discourages him from joining any sports team. He is a natural leader. Vincent-Dike is enjoys reading, especially comics about superheroes. He is friendly with the old man, who pretends to be homeless, and Vincent-Dike brings him food and money and sometimes sits and talks with him. The old man sees Vincent-Dike's kind heart and knows that he would be the best choice as leader for the Indomitables.

Age: 15

Leader of the group

Super hero persona is a genius, invents different gadgets, devices and formula

Vitamin A gives Vision amazing eyesight, allowing him to use lasers to stun and destroy his chosen targets.

Power: Laser beams shoots from his eyes. Beams can be used to deflect harm and can also be used to create light in times of darkness.

Weakness: Tunnel vision. When too engrossed on fighting a particular villain he sometimes fails to detect approaching dangers that are not in his line of vision.

Stretchy (Real Name: Sai'd), like Tutu (Tweeny) is also an A+ student. However he doesn't like to interact with people and he is extremely shy. He has very few friends and is seen as a geek by his peers. He doesn't like to be placed in uncomfortable situations and rarely makes an effort to think outside the box. He avoids situations and places he deems dangerous, dirty and with too many people. He believes he is smarter than everyone and looks down at his peers because he feels that they look down at him. The old man intentionally places himself in a dangerous situation while crossing the road when Sai'd is walking by. Without thinking and filled with compassion for the old man, Sai'd places himself in harms way to rescue the old man.

Super hero

Age: 15

Superhero persona is a joker and prankster of the group. Likes to make fun of Bigboy, but he is also Bigboy’s best friend.

Power: Can stretch his body to amazing lengths and widths. Iron provides Stretchy with the muscular health that allows him to stretch into any shape he desires.

Weakness: Stretchy’s comic personality can sometimes become his greatest enemy. When the situation demands seriousness Stretchy will continue to joke around. Stretchy’s joking attitude allowed the Primeval, the Time Master to escape. The heroes later followed Primeval into the past to the Benin Kingdom.

Bigboy, (Real Name: Beluchi, nickname: Belu) who starts off as being short and fat (as the series progresses he becomes taller) is the victim of constant bullying at school. He wishes he was as big as the bullies who tease and make fun of him, so that he could stand up for other victimised kids. Bigboy tries to stand up for a younger boy who is getting bullied, even though he only succeeds in shifting the focus of the bullying to himself.

Super hero

Age: 12

Youngest, shortest and fattest of the group

Calcium is an essential part of Bigboy’s diet, giving him strong, healthy bones.

Bigboy controls his size and strength at will and according to the mission at hand.

Power: Can grow into enormous proportions, exponentially increasing his size and strength within seconds.

Bigboy can choose his size and strength according to the mission at hand.

Weakness: Sometimes Bigboy can rely too much on his strength and size and forgets to use his wits. He usually needs stretchy to remind him.

Tweeny (Real Name: Tutu) is an A+ student, whose mother has enrolled her in too many extra-curricular activities, Tutu also chooses to involve herself in additional activities. She is very driven, but at times gets overwhelmed by the work and the demands on her time. She is seen as perfect by her peers and prides herself in being right all the time. Sometimes she wishes could just control the turmoil around her and bring calm to her busy life. Her hectic life makes her forget something crucial for a responsibility she was assigned, which leads to someone else getting the blame, but Tutu puts aside her pride and owns up to the problem caused.

Super hero

Age: 14


Best fighter in the group. Loves to have fun, best friends with Stretchy

The most formidable fighter in the group. She has the power to create vortexes of wind and the power of flight. With the help of Vitamin B for mental strength she moves objects with her mind. When she is powered up her hair turns yellow in colour and grows longer.

She uses her power to break out of bonds and to scare unsuspecting villains.

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