Indomie Fan Club

Indomie fan club started in July, 2005. It is a club for kids between ages of 4-12 years. It was created, keeping in mind the children who love and are enthusiastic about Indomie noodles.

We value our members highly, as they are indeed our future, and hence we make it our honest endeavor to provide them with quality experiences of fun and learning.


Yearly, kids from different schools and areas where Indomie Fan Club covers are expected to register for the year {fee applies} which their welcome pack {registration items} is given to them at their convenience {in the school}. There are a lots of benefits to derive from being a member of Indomie fan club {IFC} also the schools involved benefits too.


In other to keep our members busy, we have different educative and fun activities such as; Competitions, FRSC exercise, Factory visits, Birthday celebrations, Indomie day in schools, Children’s day celebration, End of year party, Teacher’s Seminar, Health Campaign e.t.c


IFC day is usually held in schools, where the kids participate in the activities which is usually educative, interactive and interesting. We talked to the kids about Indomie as a brand and Indomie fan club, shortly after the interactive session, we usually have the games sections, where the kids participate and they get gifts when they emerge  winner.

The games include; Pencil and paper roll, Twister, Find your way, Drawing and Word search.

This is an educative and informative activity, IFC has taken it as a point of duty to ensure their members safety by tying up with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) to educate the kids on Safety Tips they need to know, this has really helped to save lots of lives because, the kids reach out to their parents using what they have learnt from this activity. After the lecture, there is always a question and answer segment and kids that gets answers correctly are usually given little gifts to brighten faces of our kids.

Schools that indicate interest are given opportunity to visit our factory on excursion with the kids at no cost, by sending to us a letter a month prior to the date they intend going on excursion. Kids are taken round to see the production processes after which they are served our mouth watering Indomie instant noodles.

Indomie fan club members birthday are celebrated by giving them gift and also a birthday card. Also text messages are usually sent to their parent’s phone number on behalf of their kids.

Yearly, we celebrate all the children of the world via the children’s day celebration; it’s our biggest and most fun-filled bash of the year. This is one party no kid wants to miss out.  It usually takes place at different venues and in our different IFC states i.e. Abuja, Akure, Benin, Ibadan, Lagos and Ogun. Lots of kids usually turns up for this event as lots of goodies are usually given to the kids to celebrate this special day. This celebration has also given them room to visit different exciting places.

We encourage our members to show their hidden talents and skills. Moreover, these competitions instill in the kids a competitive spirit while maintaining a friendly environment. There are usually lots of goodies/interesting prizes involved e.g.  Cash prices, Bicycles, T- shirt, Umbrella etc.

These various competitions has really helped us discover a whole lot the kids can do, the different type of talents they can exhibit, the hidden knowledge needed to be explored. It has indeed been a huge success.

Competition we had done so far include Team up with mum, Team yourself up, Logo collection, Sing it to win it, Show your talent, Essay competition, Drawing competition etc.

IFC also cares for her school owners and coordinators, that’s why seminars are been done to help them in their chosen career “teaching”.

Seminar on Montessori was held years back at the University of Lagos, Lagos state, and it was highly educative and beneficial.

Indomie Fan Club takes health of its members very seriously. In this regard, we organized this program for parents of our members, to help orient them better about their health and physical fitness as well as the emotional well-being of their children.

With Indomie Fan Club, the end of year fever is taken to a whole new level. With Santa spreading steamy bowls of Indomie Instant Noodles as well as dancing to the popular tunes with kids, this party is sure to paint the entire town red. It’s one of a kind. No child wants to miss this event.