Independence Award


The Indomie Independence Day Awards (IIDA) is a corporate social responsibility initiative by DUFIL PRIMA FOODS PLC to encourage the acts of heroism in children across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

The aim is to seek out, recognize and publicly celebrate children who have exhibited acts of heroism at one time or the other, to the benefits of others or the society at large.

Indomie believes that in every child lies what it takes to become  great, however, many brave children today live extraordinary lives without ever being noticed, recognized or celebrated.

So far, nine editions have been held. The First and Second Editions were held at The Congress Hall, Transcorp Hilton Hotel and The Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotels & Towers respectively in Abuja . The other editions have been held at The Marquee, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

These events have witnessed the presence of dignitaries including Ministers, Senators, Members of House of Rep, Captains of Industries, Celebrities and most importantly children from different schools etc.

Award Objectives

  1. To recognize and celebrate the Nigerian Child. Not only the cosmopolitan and sophisticated, but also those who live in obscurity, lack and insecurity.
  2. To identify, acknowledge, and encourage children who have exhibited acts of bravery and made notable sacrifices without any recognition.
  3. To inspire acts of heroism in youngsters & reinforce the brand’s commitment to corporate social responsibilities.

Award Criteria

  • The award is for a child who has performed a selfless act of bravery at great personal risk to save the life or property of someone else.
  • It recognises the valiant efforts against social ills like drug abuse, child labour, illiteracy, environmental pollution, etc.
  • It also recognises children who despite having limitations have performed far beyond the ordinary and pushed the limits of courage and performance to a new level.
  • It recognizes the sacrifices some of these children have made within the context and limitations of their social-economic status and educational backgrounds.
  • In summary, the awards honour children who are extraordinary but not celebrated, young yet matured.

Award Categories


This award category acknowledges kids (15 below) who at great personal risk, save lives or by their actions, prevent extensive damage to property or others.


This award category acknowledges kids who work against social evils such as child marriage, illiteracy and environmental concerns etc in a sustained manner.


This award category recognizes children with innate ability and performed remarkably despite physical, mental, emotional or financial limitations.

The Selection Process

Phase One – Call for Entry

This is the call for entry and a search team is commission to seek and identify stories that falls within the stipulated criteria for the Award across selected states in Nigeria.

Phase Two – Nomination and Selection

This is the nomination and selection process where all stories are verified and deliberated upon by select panel of judges to determine the winners.

Phase Three – Award Ceremony

The award ceremony stage is where the winners are publicly announced and celebrated in a glamorous way and in the midst of notable public figures, captains of industries, top government officials, celebrities, etc.