Bellefull Memories - Indomie

Indomie Bellefull was launched in June 2016 as another SKU for meal occasions outside breakfast. Like the name suggests, it is for people who really love their Indomie in large quantities and desire to eat to their fill. The name also came up because we wanted to be able to connect with the young adults and adults who needs a full belly.

The Indomie Bellefull Comedy Challenge was a pre-launch campaign of the Belle full SKU where consumers were asked to do a comedy skit on the INDOMIE SKU and the best skits were rewarded at the end of the competition.


  • Build on the comedy platform to amplify the awareness for the belle full brand
  • Be the reference online comedy challenge platform.

Indomie Bellefull Comedy Challenge 1.0:

The first edition of the Indomie Bellefull comedy challenge  was a huge success. The launch of the comedy challenge recorded over 400 videos in 6 weeks with a total prize award of N1.5million for 6 people and 4 people went home with a year supply of INDOMIE BELLEFULL.  View Videos.

Indomie Bellefull Comedy Challenge 2.0:

The second version INDOMIE BELLEFULL comedy challenge 2.0 was embarked upon in August 2016 with close to 300 videos also within a four months period. 6 winners were rewarded with a year supply of indomie monthly for the duration of the comedy challenge. We had a total of 24 winners for the challenge. The first to third video which emerged the overall winner were rewarded with phones respectively. View Videos

Indomie Bellefull Comedy Challenge 3.0:

The third version was held in February where we had over 250 videos entries out of which 12 videos were shortlisted for the sum of 1million and fifty thousand naira. This challenge was a bit different from the previous ones as there was a theme associated with the comedy challenge. The theme for the challenge was BELLEFULL LOVE EXPERIENCE which was associated with the season (Valentine period) with which the challenge was held. The first to third best video was awarded with cash prizes of #300, 000, #200,000 and #100,000 respectively. The remaining winners were rewarded with #50,000 each. View Videos

Since the inception of the BelleFull comedy challenge a year ago, we have had over 50  winners, who have been awarded with different gift ranging from cash prizes to phones, and a year supply of Indomie Belle full. (24 cartons of Indomie Belle full).